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We make devices that let the world make health.

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Enabling Patient Communities to Make

We believe in enabling patients to be more than advocates of their health, so they can be makers of their health.

Finding the Stealth Ingenuity of Nurses

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Health Kit

Be the creator of your own health technology solutions. No PhD required.

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Health Kits

Born at MIT. Growing up globally.

We see the opportunity to close gaps in health technology around the world.

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MIT’s Little Devices Lab

Health Making

Making in health occurs when individuals shape, form, assemble, and transform objects with their own hands-on skills and nearby resources.

It represents the integration of a skillset, a toolset, and a mindset.

At Pop Up Labs we believe in the democratizing the tools health making around the world. Whether it's an ebola diagnostic, or a smart pill bottle, or a improved triage mobile phone app we believe that design should be transparent, hackable, and enabling for everyone to be the designers and makers of their own healthcare solutions.


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